True Femininity

Afternoon gents, it’s Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide here! So, if you read our announcement post from a few weeks ago, you would know that we’re bringing on a new admin. This new admin, Mary Drewsen, will be bringing a new series to the blog, The Young Lady’s Journal. Along with that, Miss Drewsen is also launching her own blog by the same name. So to give you readers a taste of what our new admin will be putting out, I thought it would be appropriate to share the first post she put out on her own blog. I hope you enjoy reading, and look forward to Miss Drewsen’s content coming directly to this site as well as her own!

The Young Lady’s Journal

Have you ever noticed how women who dress with dignity command a certain respect?

When a man is walking in the grocery store, and he sees a woman dressed “provocatively,” or immodestly, he watches her. And when she looks, he looks away, because he doesn’t want her to see the way he was looking at her. Why is that? Because it wasn’t with any sort of reverence. And you can all say, “Well, he should respect her anyway,” but it’s not so easy. Because she obviously doesn’t respect herself or him, how is he expected to respect her?

Then he will continue to watch her, because she left so little to the imagination. And this could be the best man you know, by the way. It’s the way they’re hard wired. They can’t help themselves.

When a woman is dressed modestly, the man will make eye contact, nod as he…

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